Customized 3D Printing

 Why Print at Acropolis? Quality!

A misconception of 3D printing is that it creates completely smooth, finished models. All 3D printers, regardless of what system is used to print, build in layers and these layers do show in the finished print. However, Acropolis higher quality printing minimizes these lines to offer the best possible finish. Hand finishing is required to completely eliminate the build lines.

At Acropolis, CAD files are individually processed by us for optimal print quality, specific to your project requirements. Unlike typical 3D printing companies that use general settings to “gang print” as many pieces as they can jam into a build envelope at the same time, Acropolis 3D Printing will print at settings appropriate for your specific project requirements.

You will work directly with the Acropolis staff member that actually sets and runs the machine selected for your project. There is NO handing off your project to lower skilled team members or sub-contracting your project out to another printer. At Acropolis, we focus on providing the best possible results for your project, and that begins with communication to understand your specific needs, and expert customization of the printing process to achieve the highest quality results.


Acropolis’ array of modern, 3D printers provides the size, materials and quality needed
to maximize results for your project.

Print resolutions can be set as fine as 30 microns with build layers as thin as 20 microns,
providing successful printing of small objects, such as jewelry and mechanical miniatures.

For larger projects, our in-house printers can produce a single print as large as 11-3/4” cubed.

Larger objects can be created by combining prints, either at our facility or yours.


We stock over 30 choices of materials and colors, and others are available by special order. Acropolis 3D Printing will assist you in making the best selections for YOUR project. In-stock materials include:

In-stock materials include:

  • DLP Resins (Including resins for vulcanized molds and direct burnout, lost wax casting)
  • ABS
  • ABS Ultra
  • PETG
  • PETG Translucent
  • PLA
  • HIPS
  • PC-ABS


We have dozens of colors available depending on the print material chosen.

Finishing Options

Acropolis 3D Printing is supported by the skilled, full-service model makers at Acropolis Studios
Model Works, making our printing a one-stop experience. Optional finishing services include
sanding, painting, vapor polishing of ABS, hand stoning and polishing.

Various service and finishing levels include:

Level One ($)

Cured prints are quality inspected and shipped directly to you. Some supports and foundations may be removed to verify print quality. Support removal and cleanup to be done by client.

Level Two ($$)

The most popular finish level, foundations and support material are removed. Attachment points and seams are smoothed. This is an excellent finishing level for evaluation of mechanical elements, concept review or appearance models.

Level Three ($$$)

Model makers will hand finish the 3D print, sanding away most of the build lines and polishing as needed. This service would be appropriate for a model that will be primed and painted by the client.

Level Four, Fine Finishing ($$$$)

The print will be finished to the highest possible level. Depending on project requirements, this may include sanding, painting, vapor polishing of ABS, hand stoning and polishing.

Development Services

Have an idea, but don’t know how to make it real?

Acropolis Studios Model Works offers complete 3D services including CAD design, 3D scanning, photo-realistic rendering, CNC machining, and of course, traditional model making.

Acropolis also offers short-run production services in 3D printing, metals, waxes and resin castings.

Click here to visit the website for Acropolis Studios Model Works.